2016 Launch Reports

January 9 - Launch Report  Launch compilation video (thanks, Ryan!)
February 13  - Launch Report
April 9 - Launch Report
June 11 - Launch Report
July 16  Launch Report
August 13 - Launch Report
September 10 (NW Classics West) - Launch Report

2015 Launch Reports

January 10 - Launch report  and video 
February 14 - Launch report
May 9 - see the BEMRC Facebook page for lots of pictures
June 13 - Launch report
July 11 - Launch report  also see the BEMRC Facebook page for lots of pictures
August 15 -  Launch Report
September 12 - Launch Report
Renton Family Day short report

2014 Launch Reports

March 8  Launch report
April 12  Launch report
May 10 Launch report
August 16  Launch report
November 8  Launch report

December 2013 launch report HERE and pictures on the Facebook page.

  BEMRC Launchpad Newsletter   

First Issue  (.pdf file)       Second Issue (.pdf file)

SPECIAL Event in February 2015

The 2015 edition of the National Association of Rocketry's Annual Convention (AKA NARCON) was quite an event.

Some post-event info from the weekend is to be added to the NARCON 2015 Web Site

Contact us by email at:    info (at) bemrc (dot) org


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